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We started this adventure without a plan. But then we made a discovery—and now everything is about to change. See the turning point that changed our entire view of this game, and changed who we want to pursue. Let's play Summertime Saga together!

Bio :

We are two gaming comedians who found our niche in the streaming world by offensively roasting lewd hentai games and making fun of anime with ridiculous dick and fart jokes. Look, if you like funny commentary, and the kind of humor that made South Park, Family Guy, and Daniel Tosh famous, then this is the right place for you. We don't hold back and we don't apologize for it—and it's gonna be hilaroius.

We also support the developers of lewd independent games. These guys and gals work their asses off to bring us smut we can masturbate to. Oh come on, you know that's what we all do... And these games aren't easy to make! So support them, give 'em a few bucks on their or patreon or whevever, or just toss us a few bucks and we'll pass it along to them. They've certainly earned it.

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Visual Novel

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funny comedy funny commentary comedy show



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